the name's krizia, but i have a lot of aliases

Actress. Director. Voice Artist. Lover of salsa-dancing. Dreamer. Collaborator. Teacher. Camp Counselor. Speaker. Queen of Booth Falcor. Adventure Seeker. Matcha Mama. Creator. Serial Organizer.                         Maker of Many Cuban Delicacies.

Actress. Director. Voice Artist. Lover of salsa-dancing.         Dreamer. Collaborator. Teacher. Camp Counselor.         Speaker. Queen              of Booth Falcor.                 Adventure Seeker.                     Matcha Mama.          Creator. Serial Organizer.            Maker of Many           Cuban Delicacies.

Actor. Voiceover Artist. Teacher. Voice Director. Sure. But also: first of her name, creator of connections, hater of cheese, mother of Lucy the chiweenie, addict of beaches, queen of matcha mornings, protector of booth falkor, and lady of salsa-dancing nights.


Here's where the magic happens:
reels, clips from various tv shows, and commercials.

voiceover artist

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